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This highly innovative and unique album features some of the UK's and Switzerland's finest jazz players. Cinema Obscura takes the listener on an unforgettable cinematic musical journey. Beautiful, memorable melodies, evocative imaginary worlds and exhilarating solos. A "Dark Side of the Moon for jazz listeners", at times the music's changes and collages are almost Zappaesque, yet it retains the harmonic aesthetics of ECM. Though clearly based in jazz, like a classical composition, the music travels the whole gamut of emotions from uplifting, to tragic, to ironic, to contemplative and more.

"Ambient ripping rock-tinged abandon... to cinematic" "Dramatic" "Intriguing" JazzTimes
"Highly melodic globally informed jazz." Guitar Player Magazine

"von Grünig is a magician... startlingly original and immediately accessible, two things which rarely share the same musical space" Derin Dalici, Pamukkale Radio

"One of the most orignial voices in contemporary music. A composer and a pianist with a unique musical language. Von Grünig's music moves through a gamut of emotions; tragic, uplifting, lighthearted,
surprising, lyrical, deep, humorous."



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"When we were composing the songs, we followed an imaginary movie script." We start each composition with a place either real or imaginary. Sometimes we also have characters, though the characters are never too specifically identified, they are more impressionistic. A place always has with it a memory, an atmosphere or a strong emotion." says von Grünig. Wingfield continues: "It is our job then to render the impression of that place or people in music. When composing we think of a story book rather than a lead sheet".

Cinema Obscura